The Rise of the Flexible Workspace with Effective Contact Management Services

The essential modern day flexible workspace has to be a streamlined platform of communication and collaboration capabilities that boost the productivity of each employee – from those who have not typically used a PC in their job to those who prefer the latest mobile devices over the traditional desktop workstation.

This type of workspace needs to be:

  • Mobile – allowing your staff to be fully productive regardless of when or where they go. These days, seamless mobility is absolutely key.
  • Social in nature -  smodern communication must move beyond one-on-one to the many, so that social networking can be leveraged to inspire progression.
  • Visual by design – the richness of video communication allows users to tell their story and achieve their goals with full impact
  • Virtual -  your applications, data and operating systems must be securely and reliably delivered from private or public clouds through intelligent networks that connect, manage and protect the many devices that people now use.


Truly flexible working has the business benefit of allowing your staff to work effectively and collaborate with each other seamlessly no matter where they are located. In contrast to the traditional desktop PC model which entails a standard toolset designed to minimise the difficulty of software deployment and management rather than maximising collaboration opportunities, flexible working opens vast new horizons for your enterprise to gain the leading edge in a competitive landscape.

365iT have gained extensive experience in Contact Management Services with over 250 projects successfully accomplished. We will deliver effective collaboration and flexible working solutions tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.

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